Pat & the BLUESchargers

Pat & the BLUESchargers

From the stage straight to the heart

The four-piece formation around frontman “Pat” inspires a steadily growing fan base with soulful original compositions and blues classics. Presented with great enthusiasm, the blues from the stage goes straight to the heart. Honest, genuine and direct – current songs such as “The Virus Song”, which was written during the Corona period, or the thoughtful “When the curtain comes down” inspire with profound lyrics, fresh riffs (Patrick Lämmle, guitar) and virtuoso piano (Chrigi Roffler) on the solid foundation of the rhythm section of Billy Wirz (bass) and Hani Ali (drums).

Upcoming Shows


Sunbea, Reinacherstrasse 1, 4142 Münchenstein, 2030h


Jazz uf em Platz, Mittenza Parkplatz, Muttenz


Linde Einsiedeln ABGESAGT


Prisoner Of The Blues – Album Spring 2022

“The latest CD is always the best!” That’s probably what all musicians think. After “Bluesman – for my friends” and “Charged with the Blues”, the third CD “Prisoner of the Blues” is now available. With the 12 original compositions, the boundaries of the blues are consciously explored and, for purists, probably exceeded. But the blues always shines through.


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